Old Harbor in a New World

Newport, Rhode Island
Est. 1629

Photos by MJKelly
Circa 2013


Colorful Cascades

This was fun!
A glowing waterfall was a an idea I had while thinking about different ways to bend light.
Imagination and patience is what made this possible.

Big thanks to my long time friend and photo assistant for this photo project, Kevin Lockrow.
It was a long night, but we accomplished what we set out to do.

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c. MJKelly 2013

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Thank you.

I added a few more photos from this shoot. There are so many other things I want to try using some of the lessons I learned form this shoot. Keep an eye out for my next adventures.


This is my dog Kruzer. He is a German Shepherd mix that we rescued in November. He is eight months old.
We spent the day throwing the frisbee around and snapping photos in the garden.
I love photographing dogs especially. They always love to show true emotion.

Contact me if you’re interested in scheduling a session for your pet.
You can find my contact at the top of the page.

Box Replication Project

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This was my final project for Digital Page Layout II. I had to replicate an existing comericially-printed box. I used a Scotch Brand Tape box. I had to open and unfold the box so we could measure the outline accurately.
Next I had to recreate the box in Adobe Illustrator.
The box that is standing and folded in the pictures is the one I created. The unfolded box is the original.

Scotch Brand, 3M, and Plaid pattern are trademarks of 3M.

MJKelly_Box4 MJKelly_Box3 MJKelly_Box2 MJKelly Box Replication



Nepali Guide’s Journey from Porter to Philanthropist

This is an ongoing project. The Freesolo Collective is actively training, planning, fundraising, and preparing to travel to the Kumari region to film a documentary film about Jagat Lama. His story is filled with struggle, pain, and growth. He is an inspiration and a hero. Fighting for equal wages for porters and guides in Nepal, Jagat started the  Independent Trekking Guides Cooperative of Nepal. Now, his efforts are focused on improving the health services and educational resources of his village. The film hopes to share his story with the world to bring more attention to his efforts.

I wrote this article to help raise awareness of Freesolo Collective’s fundraising event in Portland at Keen Footwear. The photo slide show is a compilation of some of the photos I captured at that event.

This type of journalism is what I am interested in the most. Sharing a gripping story of a person’s life mission to help others. His story deserves to be told. His efforts deserve to be commended. His influence deserves to be respected.